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OHSSAR Vanity Plate Special Project

December 30, 2021


Fellow OHSSAR Compatriots,

We are in the very early stages of a special project that needs your support – an Ohio State vanity plate with an SAR theme. I've researched this with Ohio BMV and they are on-board with creating it and offering to Ohio drivers.

The funds generated from the sale of the plates will go to support our special programs like the Youth Contests and creation of historical makers.

Right now we need a show of support for the project.  I need you to sign the attached form indicating your support.  No money is needed now – this is just to prove to the BMV that we are serious and will participate in the sale of the plates once approved. Signing this form does not obligate you to purchase one – it just indicates you support the idea.

Please gather as many signatures as you can by sharing this form with others in your Chapter, other family members, or even friends that are aware of your participation in OHSSAR.  We need to have as many signatures as we can by the end of January.  Download the form HERE , make as many copies as needed and then once you have the signatures, send it (them) to me.

Troy Bailey

1659 Chapel Road
Jefferson, OH 44047


Or email them to me at:

Thanks for helping with this,


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