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Meet The 2023-2024 Leadership Team

Don Miller v2.jpg

2023 - 2024 OHSSAR President

Donald G. Miller

Steven J. Kaplan1st Vice President

David L. Lupien, 2nd Vice President

Donald C. McGraw, Jr., Secretary

Michael J. Blum - Treasurer

Merlyn (Troy) C. Bailey - Registrar

Richard L. Carr Jr. Esq. - Chancellor

Timothy E. Ward - Genealogist

R. Douglas Pettit - Historian

Father Michael F. Nimocks - Chaplin

Merlyn (Troy) C. Bailey - National Trustee

L. Stephen Hinson - Director At Large 2022-2025

Link to Past Ohio Society SAR Presidents

Turner Lee Wilkerson, III

OHSSAR President


To reach any of these Officers, click HERE

Public Service and Heroism Commendations

These commendations and medals recognize citizens at-large and individuals in the public sector for their acts of bravery and self-sacrifice.  There are five categories: Law Enforcement, Fire Safety, Emergency Medical Services, Heroism, and Life Saving.

The Ohio Society SAR is proud to be one of only seven states that presenting Award Commendations to one or more recipients in each of the five categories during the 2019-2020 period.


For more details on these awards, click on the document.


If you would like to nominate an individual or team for one of these awards and are not a member of the SAR, click HERE and someone will contact you discuss the process.


SAR members click HERE for the guidelines and

HERE for the nominating form

Public Service
Chapter Info
OHSSAR Chapter Location (map) v4.docx - Word 2022-.png

Click HERE to enlarge map.


If you would like to contact the closest SAR Chapter, do the following:

  1. Find your County on the map (or in the list) and note the closest Chapter. 

  2. Contact them by clicking HERE.

Chapter Locations


Allen ..................

Ashtabula ........

Athens ..............

Belmont ............

Clark ..................



Fayette ..............

Franklin ............

Hamilton ..........

Lake ...................

Fairfield ..............

Lucas .................
Mahoning ........
Montgomery ..
Muskingum ....
Pickaway ..........
Richland ...........
Stark ..................
Summit .............
Warren ..............
Washington .....
Williams ............


















.... Centennial

.... Northeastern Ohio

.... Lt. Col. George Ewing

.... Ebenezer Zane

.... George Rogers Clark

.... Western Reserve Society *

.... Firelands Bicentennial

.... Arthur St. Clair

.... Benjamin Franklin

.... Cincinnati

.... Samuel Huntington

.... Hocking Valley

.... John Hancock
.... Mahoning Valley
.... Richard Montgomery
.... Rufus Putnam
.... Camp Charlotte
.... Constitution
.... John Stark
.... Lafayette
.... Highlanders
.... Marietta
.... Northwest Territory


* The Western Reserve Society SAR, founded May 5, 1892, is the largest and oldest local chapter of the National Society Sons of the American Revolution.

Hub Scott

Samuel Hubbard Scott (Hub Scott) Laureate

Established by the Ohio Society in 1979 the Samuel Hubbard Scott Laureate is the highest personal recognition bestowed by the Ohio Sons of the American Revolution. Presented at the Ohio Society's Annual Meeting in the second quarter of the calendar year, the award is presented to the Ohio Society Member who has worked continuously to promote the Ohio Society and its mission of historic, educational and patriotic recognition of the American Revolution. The recipient is chosen by all living Laureates who review the service of selected nominees.

OHSSAR Annual Meeetin Dinner_9058.jpg

Shawn Alan Cox

2022 Samuel Hubbard Scott Laureate

This year’s 2022 Hub Scott Laurette is a younger Compatriot, well, younger than many of the “old timers” in our society. He hails from Southwest Ohio, and  has been a member of the Society since 2006  and has been an active member and a leader in both the chapter and in the Ohio Society. Some would describe him as quiet and reserved.

The Laureate medal is gold-covered with a dark blue border and lighter blue center with sixteen stars arranged to form a larger seventeen star, which commemorates Ohio as the seventeenth state of the United States and the first state of the Northwest Territory. Around the dark blue border is lettered "Ohio Society - Sons of the American Revolution - Samuel Hubbard Scott Laureate." On the reverse, the recipient's name and year of presentation are engraved. The medal is suspended from a red and white neck ribbon representing the colors of Washington's personal lifeguard. It can be worn in tandem with the officer's neck ribbon.

Ribbon Medal.jpg

Among his many accomplishments he served as:

  • Chapter Secretary

  • Chapter President

  • Received numerous awards including:

  • State Roger Sherman Medal

  • 125th SAR Anniversary Medal

  • Bronze Good Citizenship Medal

  • Distinguished Service Certificate X 3

  • Certificate of Appreciation

  • State Meritorious Service Medal

  • State Roger Sherman Medal OLC

  • Patriot Medal

  • Patriot Grave Marking

  • Bronze & Silver Color Guard Medal

  • Silver Council of State Presidents

Other Accomplishments include:

  • National Trustee (two years)

  • Chairman of Nominating Committee

  • Chairman of Central District

  • Chairman of Leadership Development Committee

  • Chairman of Awards Committee (several terms)

  • Ohio Society Delegate to National SAR Congress in 2018

  • Served on the National Council of State Presidents

  • Alternate National Nominating Committee Member


In addition, Shawn Alan Cox was our Ohio Society State President 2018-2019.

The recipient's name is engraved on a nameplate which is added to a traveling plaque displaying the medal and the names of all the Laureates.

The most recent recipient of the award is the chairman of the committee to select the new awardee. All other living recipients are automatically members of the selection committee.

The award is named for Samuel Hubbard Scott of Toledo, Ohio who exemplified the qualities of an outstanding compatriot - service, leadership, and dedication. He was a World War I Veteran. He became a member of the SAR in 1948 and was soon elected President of the Anthony Wayne Chapter. In 1958 he was recognized as National Society Minuteman. Scott was a member of the American Legion and was known for his patriotic flag displays known as the Mile of Flags. He was never married. When he died in 1977 at age 86, his flag collection was passed to the Ohio Society to display and to educate the public.

Click HERE to download a list of all OHSSAR Laureates.

Patriot Medal

The Patriot Medal is the highest award presented to a Compatriot by a State Society and recognizes long, faithful, outstanding, and distinguished service at the state and/or chapter level. The Patriot Medal is awarded only by a State Society and may be presented only to an individual. Service at the national level is not considered in making the award.

As of March 2023

Patriot Medal
Grave Registry

OHSSAR Patriot Grave Registry

Updated January 4, 2024

INTRODUCTION - Revolutionary War Patriots Buried in Ohio

Our Boys.jpg

The records contained in this Roster began with those presented to the State of Ohio in 1929 by the Daughters of the American Revolution and by the WPA "as a tribute of respect to the hardy pioneers who transplanted to the State the noble ideals for which they fought from 1775 to 1783, and who now sleep the last sleep beneath its soil."  The records were amended by other sources described in the bibliography at the end of the Roster and by data posted on the National Society of Sons of the American Revolution, Patriot  Grave Index website.

Attached is the update file containing almost 7,000 Revolutionary War Patriots buried in Ohio. Now ALL Ohio Counties list a Patriot burial site.  This updated file has increased the listing to 2,500 pages.  

Click here >> January 4, 2024 OHSSAR Patriot Grave Registry to access the registry

NOTE: This is a large file and it may take a moment to download.

Only a small percentage of those listed do not have the NSSAR “P” number and after uploading about 600 more names we will have completed this accounting for the Ohio Society with those Patriots buried in Ohio (estimated to be above 7000 total). In addition, more than 2800 Grave photos have been forwarded to the Biography data uploading volunteers from Ohio Patriot’s graves.

Since September, 2019 the National Patriot Records Committee has requested Registry information include the Find a Grave Memorial # and Cemetery # with the Biographical date submitted, hence we will also include that date in the OHSSAR Registry moving forward.

We continued reconciliation of this information with additional personal data, re-verification of each patriot's burial site and the GPS coordinates of the County (to three decimal places., Township (four decimal places), location of the cemetery (4-5 decimal places), and the location of the gravesite (five or more decimal places).

Amendments will continue as research identifies other Patriot Ancestors buried in Ohio or additional details of existing individuals are confirmed.  We encourage additional input, which may be made through the Ohio Society SAR Graves Committee.  The Chairman can be contacted by clicking HERE.

Michael B. Gunn, OHSSAR Patriot Graves Committee

Disclaimer:  The information contained in these records is for informational and research use only.  It cannot be used as proof of lineage or service.  Current and potential members wishing to submit a new or supplemental application must find and submit the genealogical and service proofs required to support their applications including, but not limited to, SAR-approved record copies of an existing application.

Color Guard

Color Guard

The Ohio contingent of the NSSAR Color Guard is busy. Whether it is a parade, a historic event, honoring new citizens, or working with youth you'll find us there.

Ohio NSSAR Color Guard Awards

SAR Colorguardsman eMagazine

The National SAR Color Guard Committee publishes the SAR Colorguardsman magazine on a quarterly basis. It contains articles of interest to the Color Guard and includes some of the following topics:

  • Uniforms (History, Replicas and reproductions, etc.)

  • “How To” Articles (Establishing a color guard, Drill manuals, Handling weapons, etc.)

  • Events (Expectations, Photos and articles of participation, etc.)

  • Announcements (Upcoming events, etc.)

Access it HERE

Fort Laurens

Fort Laurens

Fort Laurens, located in Bolivar Ohio, is the only American Revolution-period fort in Ohio. Active for just nine months, from December 1778 to August 1779, it was built to defend the local area and provide support to attack the British at Fort Detroit. Each year, in July, the NSSAR holds a commemorative ceremony there to honor the 21 soldiers who died while defending the fort.

The fort has special significance for the OHSSAR, so much so that an image of the fort is central to our State Society emblem.

To learn more about the fort and its history, click HERE


OHSSAR  has created an endowment fund to help sustain our youth programs.  It is used in The OHSSAR Youth Programs Fund, The OHSSAR D.G. High Oration Fund, and the OHSSAR Permanent Fund.

If you are interested in contributing to this fund click HERE to download the form.

Tax Deduction: The Ohio Society SAR is a tax-exempt, charitable organization, as described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Your contributions to the Ohio Society SAR may be deductible on your Federal and state tax returns. Please consult your tax attorney or accountant.

The following individuals have contributed to the fund and based on the level of giving have been awarded the following ranks.

* Generals of the Regiment

  • Dr. James D. River (1st Place Dr. James D. River Americanism Poster Endowment)

  • Paul M. Wilke (1st Place Paul M. Wilke Sgt. Moses Adams Brochure Endowment)

* Colonel

Rev. James O. Fast

John M. Hoyes

Col. Donald C. McGraw Jr.

Fr. Michael Nimocks

* Captain

Nancy Barlow

Ian M. Cunningham

Steven E. Frash

Gregg Gorzelle

William Robert Hill

Steve Kelley

William A. (Tony) Robinson

William Ross

Paul D. Schenck

Shaun P. Smith

* General

Troy Bailey
John H. (Jack) Bredenfoerder
Joseph W. Dooley
John H. Franklin

Karin Guzy

Steve L. Hinson

Edward Ward

Tim Ward
Turner L. Wilkerson III

* Sergeant

Ryan Bailey
Michael J. Blum
Kennneth G. Carpenter
Shawn A. Cox
Clayton L. Crandall
Gary L. Dunffield
Standish Fortin
Garrett W. Gleim
George Grossenbaugh
Michael B. Gunn
Zackary Hoon
Bradley J. Jarard
Steven Kaplan

Francis Krajenke
Timothy Madden
Donald Miller
Scott Moody
Paul Morris
Larry Walter Penn
Douglas Pettit
Bruce Phipps
Willian Ross
Gilbert A Sanow II
George H. Stewart
Kyle Wescoat

Youth Programs

SAR Supports Our Youth...

(1) N.S.C.A.R.

Working and having fun together with other children and young adults, the National Society of the Children of the American Revolution is all about good citizens and love of the United States of America and its heritage.


Any boy or girl under the age of twenty-two can be eligible for membership as together we explore our history, important locations and learn about those involved in founding the USA.

Click HERE to learn more!

....In Two Ways

(2) Contests

The SAR offers a number of opportunities for youth to show their skills and experience by completing contests, projects, writing assignments, and oration deliveries.  Or by showing exceptional achievement in community (Scouting) and high school organizations (JROTC or ROTC).


Learn about the contest specifics, deadlines, contacts, prize amounts and more by clicking HERE. You will be able to download an instruction sheet with contact information.

Questions?  Contact us HERE

These provide monetary rewards for winning entries or achievement and is paid at three levels; Chapter, State, and National.  The prizes range from $50 to $10,000.

The person does not need to be in SAR, DAR or C.A.R., and those being homeschooled are welcome as well.  Grades range from 3rd to 12th. Areas include posters, brochures, essays, and oration.  In separate programs, outstanding achievement in Scouting or high school J/ROTC is recognized.

There is also an award for an outstanding history teacher who provides classroom instruction that excels current curriculum requirements on the Revolutionary War era from 1750 – 1800.

We are extremely proud of 

Abraham Paik

the 2020 OHSSAR D.G. High/Joseph S. Rumbaugh Historical Oration Contest

First Place winner,

who went on to win First Place at the National level!

Well done Abraham!

Three cheers...




Speakers Bureau

Speakers Bureau

Do you need a speaker for one of your meetings or social events?

The Ohio Society of the Sons of the American Revolution is available to do just that.  We offer experienced speakers throughout Ohio who can meet your needs.  Many have uniforms of the period.

Subject matter includes historical, patriotic and educational events and persons that helped to shape our nation.  Examples include:

  • History of the Firelands

  • What Colonel Crawford Meant to Central Ohio

  • Ohio’s Only Revolutionary War Fort

  • Flags of the American Revolution

Contact us HERE to request our support. We look forward to working with you.

For an example of the quality of the presentations that honor America, click HERE.

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